A Portrait
Master Class

Paint a portrait without artist skills!


in the manner of the Renaissance


Welcome to the art studio!

The series of classes “Portrait painting master class” are open to everyone with or without artist skills.

Individually. (In groups of up to five participants);
For companies.
(Team building in groups of up to five members).

Portrait painting master class with or without prior knowledge.

During the lessons, the skill of painting a portrait in the manner of the Renaissance, combined with author’s technique, is learned. The portrait is painted in the pastel technique, from a suitably prepared photograph. At the beginning of the course, a general overview of how the human figure is constructed is learned.

Each participant finishes the course with a painted portrait.

At the end of the course, the participant acquires knowledge about framing a painting.


About lessons

  • Number of course participants: up to 5 participants;
  • Course duration: 9 lessons;
  • Duration of one lesson: 2.5 hours, once a week;
  • Time of the lesson: the group agrees on the most suitable day and time of the week;
  • At the start of the course: the participant receives materials to start work.
    (pastel paper, sangina, chalk and charcoal pencils, eraser, model knife)

Course content

In consultation with the course leader, the participant prepares a high-quality digital photograph or finds it on websites available to him.

  1. lesson – 2.5h:
  • Introduction;
  • Grasping and Releasing Delusion – Integrity of Eye, Mind and Hand;
  • Renaissance technique and author’s technique;
  • Materials to be used during the course;
  • Strengthening technical skills:
  • Sharpening of pastel pencils, line, stroke, area;
  • Merge, Delete, Experiment;
  • General overview: torso, head, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, hand, musculature;
  • Skin, hair, clothes;
  • Aerial perspective;
  • Tone, color, light and shade;
  • Photographic transfer methods;
  • Transferring the selected portrait to paper.

*(Course content and a payment will be discussed upon application)

Perception→ Interpretation → Representation

Every aspect of how a person interacts with context is through perception, interpretation and inference. In the field of artistic skills, this process takes place as follows – the eyes see, the brain receives the signal from the eyes, interprets what is seen and sends a conclusion to the hands with the task of realizing the interpreted.

If we assume that the mechanics of the eyes are similar for people (there are always exceptions), then the perception of the psyche creates a significant amplitude of differences, according to the individual’s life context, genetic inheritance and social aspects. These talents affect not only the ability to perceive, but also to draw adequate interpretation and conclusions. Portrait painting, if we emphasize the quality of similarity between the object and the result, most of all depicts the mechanical perception of the eyes and the ability of the psyche to interpret what is seen in order to translate it qualitatively to the hands of the rendering team. Seeing, matching the interpretation to the original, depicting the conclusions is followed by the next step, combining the author’s individual handwriting and innovation with the interpreted object.

During the lessons, there are processes that integrate all the mentioned stages and aspects. Yes, this is also a therapeutic experience. Presence, concentration, work and rest.

At the disposal of each participant during training

At the disposal of each participant during training

  • Easel, armrest and other necessary equipment,
  • Coffee, tea, water available during the lesson.

An insight into the portrait master class

Lesson videos
1/11 video
lgvar's experience
lgvar's experience
Kaiva's experience
Kaiva's experience
Liga's experience
Liga's experience
Portrait master class I
Portrait master class I
Animated Portrait - Ilgvar's Experience
Animated Portrait - Ilgvar's Experience
Animated Portrait - Kaiva's experience
Animated Portrait - Kaiva's experience
Animated Portrait - Liga's experience
Animated Portrait - Liga's experience
Animated Portrait — 1
Animated Portrait — 1
Animated Portrait — 2
Animated Portrait — 2
Animated Portrait — 3
Animated Portrait — 3

See you in person!

Frequently asked questions

Yes! The master class is designed for those interested, with or without prior knowledge. In the lessons knowledge and basic skills are acquired so that the course can be completed with a completed portrait.

The duration of one lesson is 2.5 hours. The portrait master class course has nine lessons.

Classes are held in Riga, in the neighborhood of Ziedoņdārzs.

The studio does not have parking spaces. However, near Ziedoņdārzs, on the sides of the streets, there are enough parking spaces.

You will receive the necessary materials to start the lessons those will be useful throughout the course. You will need to purchase additional required materials that will be used beginning with the third lesson. The cost of purchased materials is not high. The necessary materials can be purchased in Riga artists’ shops.

Yes! Various coffees, teas, water and other things are available during the lessons.

It is not necessary to pay for all nine lessons at once. Each lesson is paid at the end. The amount of one lesson is 40 Eur.

The maximum number of participants is five people. Individual lessons are also possible.

Lessons take place on the day and time agreed by the group.

Yes, you can stop the course and join another group later.

Yes! We can agree on the time when you come to see the studio.

Yes! By participating in all the lessons and learning the course content, you will finish the course with a finished portrait.

You will learn the technique of pastel painting. This technique has been used by many masters of both Latvia and other great art countries.

Participants who speak any language can participate in the classes. Classes are held in Latvian or English.

Classes can be attended starting from the age of 18.