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Portraits for a family collection or as a gift for someone else!


You have certainly admired the portraits painted by artists at art exhibitions, the sparkle that can be seen in the eyes of the person depicted in the portrait, the character, the nuances of color, the mood.

Have you imagined a portrait like that on your own wall?

Would you like to start a family portrait gallery with portraits of parents and grandparents?

Give portraits as a gift to business partners, friends, children and grandchildren.

Let’s get in touch!


Types of portraits

Customer portrait;

Spouse (portrait or double portrait);

Parents, grandparents (portrait or double portrait);

Child (portrait, double portrait or group of children);

Relative (portrait, double portrait or group of people);

Boyfriend, girlfriend (single or double portrait),

Business partner (single, double portrait or group of people),

Type of portraiture:
Head, torso, seated, full human standing;
Portrait size:
From a small-sized portrait that can be placed on a table, shelf or wall, to the size of a person’s height.

Portrait gallery

Which type of portrait would you like?

Frequently asked questions

a) Write a letter and tell us what portrait or portraits you want.

b) Tap on the messenger icon in the lower left corner. Write what kind of portrait or portraits would you like.

c) See the phone number in the “Contacts” page.

The cost of a portrait is a sum of several aspects. For example, size, number of people to be portrayed, detailing and other features. Exact costs can be defined after the discussion of the work assignment.

In the history of art, there are many famous artists who painted in the pastel technique. For example, Odilon Redon, Mary Cassette, Edgar Degas, Eugène Delacroix, Jean-Francois Millet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Pablo Picasso and many other artists. The portrait is painted on acid-free material. A finished portrait is fixed with a fixative. The framed portrait is protected from dust and direct physical impact by a glass. It should be noted that a work painted in any technique should not be placed under direct sunlight and being exposed to extreme temperatures or being subject to rapid temperature changes.

Yes! When properly prepared, the portrait will be mailed to the address you provide. For the safety of the painting, the portrait is sent without frame and glass. You must do the framing yourself at your place of residence. The shipment will include an instruction that should be taken into account when framing the portrait.

The duration of portrait painting depends on several aspects. For example: it’s format and size, whether single person or a group and many other factors. The minimum time limit is one month. A larger task takes up to a few months.

Before painting a portrait, it is necessary to prepare a high-quality photograph. a) You have access to a high-quality photo, b) We agree on the creation of the photo.

No! If the portrait is sent via post, the frame with glass is not included. Sending glass is unsafe against impacts and endangers the painting.

Yes, certainly! We can communicate via Zoom, Skype, and Messenger. You can use Messenger on this website. The icon can be found in the bottom left corner of the homepage.

No! Postage costs for sending a portrait depend on the recipient’s country. Shipments to different countries have different costs.